Playlists on Set: The Best Music for Fashion Photography Shoots

Have you ever been on set without music? I know, that would be weird. Have you ever struggled to pick a playlist? Did you let the model choose and regretted it? Are you looking for something that everyone can sing along or dance to? These playlists are your answer.

Make a quick judgement call at the beginning of each shoot. Asses the team’s energy and the think about the mood you are trying to achieve in your images. Combine these two details to pick the right playlist for the day!

Playlist #1: On Set.

This one is very dancey, with a variety of early 2000s r&b, top 40, and reggae. I know, that might sound weird. Trust me, it’s a crowd pleaser.

Playlist #2: Dancing On Set.

This next playlist is a bit heavier on the electronic music, so you definitely want to make sure it fits with the vibe of your shoot. I’m imagining a fun team and a model who’s moving around a lot!

Playlist #3: Eggs & Bacon.

This one’s for all the morning people and romantics out there. Soft, slowed down, easy music. Perfect for an early morning shoot, to ease into the day peacefully. Also great for a portrait session in which you want your model to stay a bit more still. It’s dreamy and happy music for the bride and groom! The options are endless for this one.

I hope one of these playlists will work for you, and if not, I guess we just have different taste. That’s okay!

I am currently working on a Disco playlist. I’ll be releasing that one and maybe a few more at a later date. Comment below if you have any genre, song or artist suggestions!