Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions.

With the New Year in full swing, there has been a lot of talk in the self-help world about the difference between setting “intentions” and “resolutions”. Why is one better than the other and how are they truly different? Here’s my take on it summed up into one thought…

I intend to do better, not resolve all my problems.

Intentions allow us the freedom to be human—to make mistakes, to try again. The important thing is that we’re trying to do better, and that’s truly enough. The word “resolution” has an awkward weight to it— it expects us to fix all of the bad parts of ourselves. Apparently, the impossible must happen simply because it’s a new year!! Not into it. My roommate loves the saying “bird by bird” and honestly I love it too. Step by step, day by day or month by month. Whatever works for you. If you wish to change something about yourself or your life, you shouldn’t wait for the world to tell you when it’s time. If it happens to be the second of January and you find yourself signing up for an LA Fitness membership (who me?) that’s totally okay too. Let things unfold naturally and always try to do better than the day before. I intend to have a great year, how about you?

Now that I’m done preaching, here is a cute list of my New Year slash January intentions. Should I do one of these every month? Let me know your thoughts below! :)


Illustrations by Me.

Looking to set your own intentions, but having a hard time figuring out where to start? First, take a step back and set a nice space—candles, music, incense, snacks or whatever else makes your soul happy. Think about the things you wish you had more time for or the ideas constantly tugging at your brain. Try not to list too many—it’s all about keeping things realistic! If you have a hard time finishing projects like myself, less is more.

Happy New Year!!