Freelance to Full Time - My Life in Los Angeles

It’s been nearly a month since my last post…whoops! Time flies when you’re a full time employee. I traded in the freelance hustle for a comfortable schedule and benefits. I went back and forth, read every article I could find on the internet and decided it would be worth it. Ultimately, I see this as a stepping stone between where I am and where I want to be. This might not make sense for me in a few years, but for now it feels right. I’ve had to make some big lifestyle adjustments—like not traveling every other weekend. As a Sagittarius, the flexible schedule of a freelance career suits me very well. Almost too well. It’s nice to have a bit of discipline and structure for the first time in maybe ever.

So what do I do? I am the In-House Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Nous Model Management. I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect combination between creative and technical—something that is surprisingly hard to find in this industry. Most full-time photography jobs (in LA) are in Ecom or retouching, which reaaaaally doesn’t excite me.

I’m still pursuing my freelance career on weekends—so I guess the hustle really never stops. I’m okay with that! My creative heart likes to go go go. Sometimes though, I need to remind myself to slow down and say no. It’s easy to want to say yes to every opportunity, but it’s just not realistic. After all the health issues I faced last year, I’m especially cautious with my time. When I get in over my head (which is a lot), I have to step back, cancel or reschedule shoots and refresh. Put yourself first, always!!

I could go into the details of my day to day responsibilities, but that’s what my resume is for. What I will tell you is that I recently put together a studio for Nous! I’ve shot some fun tests with girls who need an update for their book. See below for a recent shoot I did with the adorable Izzy Hoffman. <3

Are you building your book and looking for a fun shoot like this? You’re in luck! I have my own personal portrait studio and am available for on-location shoots as well. E-mail me for rates & availability! <3

Less is More: The Simple Way to Produce a Successful Test Shoot

Honestly, I’m writing this blog post as a bit of reminder to myself. If it helps someone else too…even better!

It’s so easy to get excited about a shoot—that’s why I do what I do! The problem with this excitement is that sometimes I get carried away. I put multiple ideas together, and come up with an elaborate plan to shoot.  Sometimes, this works out beautifully. Other times, I’m putting too much on my plate and the ideas fall short.

Some of my favorite shoots required the least amount of effort. It’s funny how that works out.

I’m learning that agencies prefer to see a super minimal shoot than an over the top editorial. While it’s fun to be bold, the simplest of shoots can be superbly beautiful.

So, if you’re like me and have a million ideas—don’t try to tackle them all at once. Slow it down and step back. Shoot your model without any makeup on in front of a neutral backdrop wearing vintage earrings and a white button-down. Voilà. Focus on your lighting and use that to make the image really stand out!

Below is one of my favorite recent shoots. It was a test with a new face for Freedom Models LA. First, she was naturally gorgeous and had the stunning features! Second, I didn’t fuss about this shoot. I had a short amount of time to prepare, so I kept it really simple. This ended up working to my advantage and I’m so happy I didn’t over complicate things. Honestly, I can’t wait to do more shoots like this.

Less is more.