The beginning of my sustainable fashion journey & an editorial!

If you follow me on Instagram or know me IRL, you’ll notice I’ve been talking a lot about sustainability recently. I started living a more conscious lifestyle a few years ago, but have amplified my efforts this year. Recently, I’ve been focusing my attention on sustainable fashion in all forms—ethical fashion, slow fashion, secondhand & vintage, etc. So many terms, so much to learn! 

After a lot of research and hours of podcasts, I decided I would no longer support fast fashion. I was blind to a lot of the fashion industry’s problems for so long, but now I can’t un-see them. Consider me “woke!” 

Moving forward, I will be refocusing my attention on working with sustainable, ethical and local brands as well as styling all my shoots with secondhand and vintage pieces. Looking at all that needs to be done in the industry is overwhelming, but taking it step by step and doing whatever small bit I can to help will make a difference. Progress over perfection!

I’m working on another blog post that will dive more into my goals and thoughts on being a sustainable photographer, but for now, here is a fun editorial I recently shot using all secondhand and vintage clothing. The only items that aren’t sustainable are the straw hat and nude swimsuit. I purchased the hat last year from Lack of Color and I borrowed the suit from a friend. It’s important to remember that the most sustainable and affordable clothing option is wearing what you already own or swapping with a friend! 

Let me know what you think about this new direction of mine, this editorial or your personal sustainability journey in the comments below. :)

Dress and Earrings: Vintage, Hat: Lack of Color, Shoes: Model’s Own

Lace Top: Vintage, Earrings: Handmade in India, Suit: Borrowed

Dress: Vintage, Boots: Secondhand from Rosebowl Flea Market, Earrings: Handmade in India

Model: Neha @ Meraki Model Management

Hair & Makeup: Jaylene Singer

Styling & Photography: Me (Stacey Lamb)